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"Haley Stines’ Hypnobirthing class is great! I previously had 4 miscarriages, and entered this pregnancy with a lot of fear and trauma as a result. Haley helped me release my fear surrounding my pregnancy and birth, learn to relax, and prepare mentally for my home birth. Haley and Hypnobirthing has made me excited for my birth, and has helped my husband and I bond even more during my pregnancy. It was really refreshing to connect with a like minded thinker who recently had a home birth of her own. I am recommending Haley’s class to all of my pregnant friends, whether they are planning a hospital or home birth because Haley focused on us being confident and peaceful during our birth. I feel really prepared, and my fear has been replaced with confidence and relaxation." 

                                ~ Olivia Cooley


After having a traumatic birth for my first child and a C-section for my second, I was unsure if I had any other options while planning my third child.  A lot of uncertainty and anxiousness needed to be address.

This class is brilliantly designed from the introductions, all the way to the end.  From education, to dispelling fears, working on personal barriers and preconceived ideas and notions of what birth should be, to ultimately gaining peace, comfort, and confidence during your pregnancy, up until the big day.  I would highly recommend this class to anyone who is pregnant and is looking to learn more about themselves, their baby, and how brilliantly the body is designed to have an amazing and safe birth.

We loved how thorough and experienced Haley was in the subject.  A true teacher.  Because of her passion and having put in the work herself prior to her birth, she set the space for us to learn and grow in the practice of HypnoBirthing.  What we ultimately ended up gaining was a sense of freedom, confidence, and control through the classes and exercises that we will continue until the big day

             ~ Dr. Keith & Alexis Hurley

Haley is amazing! This is my first baby and not being sure what to expect I have had fears about birth. Haley’s way of teaching HypnoBirthing and her personal experience with her own home birth now has my mind at ease. I am confident and excited going into my birth. Haley and HypnoBirthing also has my husband and I working as a team ready to bring our little one into the world!

                       ~ Samantha Baranski


I cannot speak highly enough of Haley and her HypnoBirthing class. Haley was called to work with pregnant mothers and it is so wonderful to see someone’s eyes light up when they are doing the thing they love. Your heart can’t help but smile and be drawn to work with this person. My husband and I always felt so connected and relaxed after each session- they were the highlight of our week. Haley opened up a whole world to us. She made me feel confident and calm about the upcoming birth of my daughter. Even though I wasn’t able to have the home birth I had planned due to the baby being breech, I was still able to use many of the HypnoBirthing tools preparing for and during my c-section. Haley made sure I knew that even if this wasn’t the birth I had planned, it was still MY birth story and it was going to be beautiful. She took extra care to go through scripts with me to turn the baby and ultimately to prepare for a c-section. Haley was my rock during pregnancy and I couldn’t be more grateful for her. My husband and I highly recommend her class to all pregnant mamas and their partners!

                         ~ Julia

I cannot speak highly enough of “HypnoHaley”. As a Chiropractor specializing in prenatal care, I have had the opportunity to partner with Haley to serve the mothers of Columbia, SC. I recommend her HypnoBirthing series to every mama I care for. I am overjoyed as each & every one raves of her class & simply her as a human being. Haley was a birth doula, yoga instructor & wrote her own meditations prior to discovering her true calling to HypnoBirthing. She has spent years studying the mind-body connection & has a true passion for empowering women all over the world to have the birth they desire & deserve. If I could give Haley 10 stars – I would. She is a ray of light in this world.

                        ~ Dr. Rachel Wetzel, D.C.


Hypnobirthing has been a true game changer for my husband, Jon and I. As we welcome our first baby within the next month, I am so grateful that one of our closest friends honored us for five weeks (and my whole pregnancy) with education, guidance, resources and supporting the shift in our mindset from fear to positivity and empowerment for the special upcoming birth-day of our baby. Trusting in the wisdom of this amazing body designed to grow and nurture birth has been so inspiring. Nutrition, positive stories and birth language, comfort techniques for labor and empowering meditations are only a few of the concepts we covered. One of my favorite tools: using the rebozo. I wear it daily on my belly to support and help relieve any heaviness during cooking, standing or exercising, not to mention all the other comfort techniques to use with it during labor.

Jon and I have never felt more prepared to welcome this season of change and growth and we owe a great deal of this unbelievable shift to Haley. Her kindness, compassion and light radiates, she has a true gift and we are so thankful to journey into parenthood feeling prepared to accept openly all that may arise.

I HIGHLY recommend Haley as a Hypnobirthing instructor, calling upon her education as a birthing educator, doula and wisdom as a mama to support communities of women and families during pregnancy, labor & beyond. THANK YOU!

                    ~ Colleen & Dr. Jon Malley

Best class any Momma can do to feel prepared and relaxed for the best birth experience!


Haley did a phenomenal job in helping my husband and I feel at ease and prepared for the birth experience of our baby boy. She took the time to email us recorded meditations that we can use during labor and to practice with prior to. She discussed everything from fears and refocusing our mindset if we get tense to nutrition and acupressure points. I highly recommend Hypno Haley’s hypnobirth class. I feel that I have the tools to have the best birth experience that I could have ever imagined. Thank you Haley for taking the time to go above and beyond!

                    ~ Dr. Kylee & Dr. Kris Kessler

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