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These postpartum affirmations cards are perfect for any new mama.  Seeing positive affirmations on a regular basis will help to get you in the right mindset during the challenging and exciting time of being a new parent.


Twine and clothespins are included, as you may hang them up as a banner, or you may choose to display them on their own. They can be placed throughout a house or office, or can be kept in a stack to be rotated daily or weekly. 


The cards are printed on thick textured linen. They are a great addition to any atmosphere and are a perfect gift! 


20 different affirmation cards are included, written as follows:


I trust my instincts.
I am patient with myself and my baby.
I am strong.  I am powerful.  I am capable.  I am intuitive.
I feel supported, cherished, and loved.
Being present is the greatest gift I can give my baby.
I remain in solitude with my baby when needed.
I am in awe of the new life I've created.
I love my body and am proud of all it has accomplished.
I instinctively listen as my baby communicates.
Inhale: love, confidence, patience    Exhale: fear, doubt, frustration
I am the only mother this baby will ever have.
I am full of gratitude for this experience.
I am exactly what my baby needs.
I feel calm, relaxed, and at peace.
I give myself time and space to heal.
I allow others to help when needed.
I give myself appreciation and respect.
I have moved mountains to bring my baby to my arms.
The bond between me and my baby is fierce.
The world is brighter now that the light from my womb has been born.


Postpartum Affirmations

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