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These daily affirmations cards are perfect for anyone.  Seeing positive affirmations on a regular basis will help to get you in the right mindset and on your way to success. 


Twine and clothespins are included, as you may hang them up as a banner, or you may choose to display them on their own. They can be placed throughout a house or office, or can be kept in a stack to be rotated daily or weekly. 


The cards are printed on thick textured linen. They are a great addition to any atmosphere and are a perfect gift! 


20 different affirmation cards are included, written as follows:


I am enough.
I can do hard things.
My energy radiates joy, love, and light.
I am filled with energy and a zest for life.
I trust the innate wisdom of my being.
Today is my day.
I fill my mind with positive, nourishing thoughts.
My intentions are pure, my heart is kind.
I move fluidly through the river of life.
I celebrate my life by living it ecstatically.
I am my own healer.
I stay open, in a state of receiving the opportunities around me.
I attract positive people and experiences.
The world is on my side.
I am resilient.
I live in abundance.
I am incredibly grateful.
I face challenges with confidence and clarity.
I am able to adapt as things shift.
I offer my gifts to the world.

Daily Affirmations (for any stage of life)

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