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These birth affirmations cards are perfect for any mommy-to-be.  Seeing positive birth affirmations on a regular basis will help to get you in the right mindset and on your way to birthing with confidence and peace. 


Twine and clothespins are included, as you may hang them up as a banner, or you may choose to display them on their own. They can be placed throughout a house or office, or can be kept in a stack to be rotated daily or weekly. 


The cards are printed on thick textured linen. They are a great addition to any atmosphere and are a perfect gift! 


20 different affirmation cards are included, written as follows:


I believe in my ability to give birth.
I call on the wisdom of all the women who have birthed before me.
My body knows exactly what to do.
I step aside and allow my body to do what is is designed to do.
I am strong.  I am safe.  I am protected.  I am loved.
I am prepared to birth calmly and confidently.
Inhale: strength, peace, love   Exhale: fear, resistance, doubt
The last surge is over.  The next one does not yet exist.  Be here, be present.  
I am grateful for this experience.
I invite and embrace each wave. 
I am the only one who can birth this baby.
I have everything that I need within me.
My baby and I work together in harmony.
Relax, open, & let go.
I move with the rhythm of my own body.
Each surge brings me closer to holding my baby.
My baby will be greeted with love and joy.
My mind is relaxed.  My body is relaxed.
I am amazed at the power my body is capable of.
Each surge is strong, but so am I.

Birth Affirmations

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